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Passwords, passwords, passwords. It seems like everytime you go online you need to create yet another username/password combination, or change/update a password. Research shows users attempt to manage anywhere between 70-90 passwords! The human memory just can’t handle that load, and people often resort to using similar passwords across multiple sites or short, easy-to-remember passwords. Or worse, they use the same weak password, across all their accounts leaving themselves exposed to multiple cyber attacks.

Does this sound like you? Well you are not alone. A Google Online Security Survey found that at least 65% of people reuse their passwords across multiple, if not all, sites. And research conducted by Security.org shows that Millennials are the most guilty of this with a staggering 76% of them recycling their passwords. So it’s not surprising that 81% of hacking related breaches are the fault of compromised passwords – it’s a real problem.

The solution is to use a password manager. Not only can it securely store all your usernames and passwords, but managers can also generate long complicated passwords so that you don’t have to. You can also implement 2 factor authentication to further protect your information. And if you do a lot of online shopping, you can safely store your credit cards in your manager instead of saving it on multiple websites. It’s a win-win for security & convenience.

If you google “password managers”, you’ll be overwhelmed by the options. Here at Rise we endorse LastPass. Not only do they have a robust, free version, but it is also very user-friendly and recently ranked number two on PC Magazine’s Best Password Managers of 2020. Click here to get started on your own, or give us a call and we’ll make an appointment to help you get set up. We also offer state-of-the-art anti-virus and breach detection software that will further protect you from online threats. Get yourself protected today!